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by:Fufresh     2020-07-12
Since ancient times, point that has always been an inseparable part of human beings is a bag. They are the requirement of the day and in spite of how small they are, the usefulness of the bags is beyond denial. Their dire need has lead to the entry of various brands in the industry to reap the benefits with the ever escalating demand of bags. This has resulted in stiff competition among different brands which has been shown to be beneficial for the customers as they are able to uncover bags of finest best. One of such brands is American Tourister which is listed on the list of leading global manufacturers with the bags of various varieties of. Although, it cannot be said with conformity as to when the bags came into existence, but by turning back the pages of history, one can find that the very first mention of bags was in the Egyptian hieroglyphics. Those bags that were in are pouches were used your males only. They were worn around the waist and decked with precious gems to show the status of the person carrying them. But because your centuries went by, they underwent huge transformation to have the modern days' standing. A lot more than being a necessity, it became fashionable to possess a bag. 16th century witnessed a revolutionary change previously bags' industry when for the first time they were made from leather. 17th century saw varying designs and shapes of the bags thus opening a path for your fashionable bags of 18th century. And it was only in the 19th century when fashion achieved new heights certainly did the bags. It was in this century many brands saw their dawn and achieved novel elevation. At present, the marketplace is flooded with a lot many brands that are engaged in large scale production and wide distribution of bags. American Tourister is among the globally famous brands of bags that have a long product line to cater everybody's requirement of a bag. The foundation of that particular brand was laid by Sol Koffler in 1933 at Providence, Rhode Island, USA. This brand of Samsonite Corporation was founded with an aim to create a suitcase that could sell for a cost. A decade after, American Tourister's Hi-Taper key for meeting the demands of air travelers for almost any light and easy to pack it bag. Following the path of innovation and exploration has resulted in an extended product line which fulfills the needs and demands of the people. With a presence in almost every country along side globe, American Tourister bags are serving the customers well. Its esteemed product line comprises cabin bags, check-in bags, suitcases, duffles and small bags, laptop cases, attache, backpacks and laptop backpacks. All of them are manufactured precisely using the best material that makes them light weight, easy to and highly durable. One can choose from its lengthy product line a bag that can do meeting the requirements in an appropriate manner. These American Tourister bags can be obtained from various online shopping portals, exclusive showrooms of the brand and specialized retail outlets dealing in them. The superb performance rule bags can be influenced by the fact that these kinds of are manufactured as per the international specifications for some thing belonging to this range. This has made them stand well inside the scale of quality by fulfilling all of its dimensions which has consequently been the reason as it being the most preferred and the hot favourite bag brand. Its huge acceptance globally is only because of being a strict follower of this path of quality. The supreme quality materials that are used planet fabrication of these bags are premium Nylon Fabric, tough fabric, light weight & tough polypropylene, Tuff polyester fabric, Light weight ABS Shells, attractive Ripstop and the others. The American Tourister backpack provides style to the person carrying it and renders comfort as well. They made of Polyester OR attractive Mixed Nylon and also the similar other materials. These bags of American Tourister are available in different colors and styles. The machines ensures to subject its bags to number of tests such as handle test, wheel test, drop test, zipper test, tumble test and lock test to ensure that they may be high in terms of durability and the finest in quality. The brand may be following a practice of conducting an exhaustive market study prior to starting the production of bags. This research undertakes the study of customers' demands, latest trends and novel technologies winning the market of bags. This may be the reason for their huge acceptance on the list of consumers worldwide and its strong customer lower. Today, bags are viewed a fashion accessory and play a vital role in giving might his desired planned arrival. In this regard, nothing better could be there than the American Tourister bags. These bags of premium segment are of the worldly state and belong to the deluxe type. Without focusing on a specific gender, these are in order to be used by both the males and females. Its association with the latest Bollywood movie Agent Vinod speaks of the popularity and the fame that this brand has. A worldwide recognition, worldwide fame and intercontinental presence have resulted in high profitability of american Tourister bags. Could possibly choose from its exhaustive product line a bag that completely fulfills intent and renders the specified look. The American Tourister is one of the best brands in the bags' industry actually times. The luxury performance delivered by these bags 's behind their preference over the other brands operating on similar industry. Comfort coupled with the kind is what one aspires for and American Tourister bags will never disappoint you on this ground. The bags of this brand appear in different price ranges to suit everybody's pocket. So just get a perfect plus apt travel partner from American Tourister's large collection and enjoy your trip in the manner different of one's others.
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