Can we arrange the double zip bag shipment by ourselves or by our agent?
If you would like to arrange the double zip bag shipments, please contact us. Changzhou Luojiyuan industrial Co.,Ltd understands that in terms of transportation, you want your goods to be delivered safely, on time, and competitively. Regarding shipping, we are here and make every decision to help you and us save or make money.

For many years, Luojiyuan has only focused on production plastic zipper bag. Luojiyuan produces a number of different product series, including customize zipper bag. The raw materials of Fufresh Slider Bags, mainly clay and kaolin, are sourced from suppliers who hold domestic quality certifications (GB/T) in the pottery industry. This product is easy to handle when discarded. The product has remarkable hardness. It is made of metal materials which have excellent mechanical properties such as high hardness and strength. This product is easy to handle when discarded.

We are working hard to be the first choice of customers. Through the effective integration of resources, we constantly improve the service system that features a higher level of professionalism.
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