Confident Your Pet is Ready For Disaster

by:Fufresh     2020-06-19
As storms start handing over the Atlantic every year, in Florida we make ready for the annual hurricane season and what comes with it. A part of that preparation includes having food and water supplies, making sure our families know the emergency plan, knowing how to evacuate and so forth. Unfortunately many families do improperly prepare for their pets. The NHC-NOAA has created pet hurricane preparedness checklist to help owners be well prepared in case of destruction. Here is some of what it recommends: Like Boyscout - Blackout Before a hurricane hits, here are a few things to certain that you you've planned and/or done: What To try to do During a tragedy When Nature Subsides Be sure you're ready for the disaster potentials in your area, whether it be hurricanes or blizzards, and make certain you think about your companion along means. Here's to a quiet and safe hurricane season!
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