Does Luojiyuan have export licence?
Changzhou Luojiyuan industrial Co.,Ltd has been licensed for exports for years. We have accumulated a wealth of experience in export. In fact, in order to export products from China, any supplier must have dedicated export permit (license) of its own or must “outsource” the process to an Import-Export company that is licensed to export any (non-restricted) product. Therefore, the Import-Export company will appear on the export documents for customs clearance. This is a normal procedure and is completely legal in China.

Luojiyuan is strong enough to provide the most thoughtful service and the top plastic zipper bag. Luojiyuan produces a number of different product series, including quart bags. Fufresh ziploc slider sandwich bags is produced under a series of complicated procedures which requires professional workmanship, such as materials handling, shaping, glazing, sintering, and drying or cooling. This product does not need any clips or drawstrings. The product is fire-proof, protecting the item from damaging. People will find it especially beneficial when using it in item decorations. This product features the highest clarity for exceptional presentation.

We adhere to the principles of environmental protection to produce environmentally-friendly products. We will strive to seel 100% environmentally friendly, pollution-free, degradable, or recycled raw materials to manufacture products.
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