How about sales of quart ziploc under Fufresh?
No exact figures could be offered here. A reliable partnership may make it possible to unveil such information. We market quart ziploc in both domestic and international markets. Our sales have been increasing year by year. This enables us to be more competitive in the market.

Fufresh has been highly recognized and praised by customers at home and abroad. Changzhou Luojiyuan industrial Co.,Ltd produces a number of different product series, including quart bags. Unlike the traditional foot outline extraction method, the outline of Fufresh jumbo zippered storage bags is produced using the advanced digital technology and CAD mold designing technique. Its seal allows it to be closed, opened and resealed over and over again. The product has remarkable pressure resistance. It is made of composite metal materials such as stainless steel and alloy which feature excellent hardness and anti-impact resistance. This product is safe enough, which is suitable for use with foods.

Under the concept of assuming social responsibility, we strive to create benefits for the communities. We work closely with local people and businesses to promote common economic development.
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