How is Fufresh positioned?
Fufresh centers on providing one-stop solution of Fufresh for clients at home and abroad. We have been focusing on integrating the design, production, sales and support of together to make it more aggressive in the market. To be able to differentiate the business from other brands in the current market, we concentrate on the client service, aiming at supplying the most considerate and professional service for clients.

The popularity of Sandwich Bags produced by Fufresh brand has been increasing rapidly. Changzhou Luojiyuan industrial Co.,Ltd produces a number of different product series, including Household zipper bags. This product is not affected by disinfectants. The metal materials used have been specially coated, which makes it stand up being cleaned under disinfection environments. This product stands out for its trustworthy closure performance. The softened water generated by the product helps to maintain the efficiency and lifespan of the appliances because the water is clean and less scale buildup occurs. This product has the advantage of excellent dimensional stability.

Our sustainability work is integrated into our business culture and values. In our operation, we will work to ensure that production wastes are lawfully handled and resources are fully utilized.
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