How many Fufresh quart freezer bags are sold per year?
There is a balance between sales and output of quart freezer bags in Changzhou Luojiyuan industrial Co.,Ltd. We have buried in the production for years. We are able to meet the market demand. We have recorded year on year growth in sales volume.

In recent years Luojiyuan has emerged in the fresh bags industry and created the Fufresh brand. Luojiyuan produces a number of different product series, including flat trash bags. The raw materials of Fufresh plastic zipper bag are carefully selected by the quality control team as harmless and non-toxic. The raw materials have been tested to adhere to the porcelain industry. Statistics can show that the raw materials do not produce a chemical reaction with other chemical substances. This product does not need any clips or drawstrings. Customers who have repurchased it said there is no color fading or paint flaking off problems even it has used for a long time. The product is widely used for packaging food, jewels, cosmetics, gifts, clothes, stationeries, and electronic parts.

We are committed to a range of sustainable practices. During our production, we spare no efforts to be responsible for the environment, such as reducing emission pollution and conserving resources.
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