HQ Beamer review

by:Fufresh     2020-06-24
HQ Beamer review HQ Have just released the fifth generation on their beamer, so I thought it was time to test it also. I'll split the review into 3 stages. First, its contents, secondly, any new features that also been added, and thirdly many importantly, what it is a lot like to fly. Contents: HQ have made a real effort their own kites in the past few years to make certain that the pilot has everything they need to have to start flying right away, the new Beamer 5 does not exception. HQ have ditched the 'big zipper' bags had been present on the HQ Beamer 4 and have instead opted for a classical ruck-sack, it looks really great and have a real kind urban jungle feel to it. The beamer 5, such as 4 that preceded it comes with some fantastic quality quad line handles arrive equipped with ground stake loops. The lines are also really great, They have been pre-stretched too and that is a real bonus, this trend started not too long ago and means that stretching is eliminated when flying and prevents uneven line lengths. New Features: The Beamer has an completely redesigned shape which has been done purely strengthen performance. It also makes the kite more stable. Essentially the most impressive new feature though is that the brake lines can now be used to generate extra power which is something not seen before on a kite of this level and expenses. The beamer also retains the features that made the 4th generation so popular, such as dirt outlets and stability in high wind gusts. What's it in order to fly? In a word, stable. It really feels like HQ have tried to create something that also a complete novice flyer can pick up and feel right at home when it comes to. The kite I tested was the 4m (the beamer is available in 2, 3 and 5m variations.). It offered really great pull which can be predicted of a kite this size, it did feel a little bit slow to react but as mentioned, I feel this became done purposefully to help out the beginners. It is a really easy kite to launch and achieve up and going too, even reverse launches are a doddle. Overall. I personally are convinced the HQ Beamer is a really special kite, it is designed for anyone wanting to dip their toes into the involving power kiting, however the great thing into the beamer is see many as a buggy kite too hence it has a real sense of longevity . The quality of the product is outstanding, even down into the stitching on the foil and the bridle lines. The kite also looks fantastic in atmosphere and I would definitely recommend this kite to anyone looking for their first quad line power kite.
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