In order to Fill Your Punching Bag With?

by:Fufresh     2020-06-01
So you got such an empty punching bag to save numerous bucks and now are wondering what in Gods-name to fill it up with. This is a common question being asked by many that venture into buying punching bags, mainly online. In order to save the shipping fees, which might be gigantic, when speaking of 150 pound (70 kg) punching pouches. So to cut down on the set you back basically order it empty with complete confidence you will fill it up with 'old' rags, saw dust or it mat be sand. Think over again. Long gone would be the years of sand bags and sawdust filled bags. Consider the 63 the only solution back in time and it resulted in a lot of injuries (especially wrist injuries) due that the the punching bags were as hard as concrete. Kicking was also from the question, but 100 years ago most bags were used and sold to 'western boxing' practitioners. Chinese people did however make use of the bags for kicking with their Sanda martial art (Chinese kickboxing ) which is a side-art from Kung fu. I believe they used rice to fill their bags which was very hard. Times have changed and nowadays people use smaller and smaller gloves. Consider the gloves worn by western boxers in the 30s 40s 50s. Had been holding absolutely huge. Nowadays the max size people wear are 10 OZ boxing gloves. With the ever growing MMA world kicking in, there are lots of MMA gloves that you can buy which have hardly any protection on associated with. You could save over a hundred dollars and just go punch a christmas tree. Today's bag separate to normal punching bags and the so called 'heavy' bags. The ladder are still towards weight of outdated fashioned ones but softer to the touch none the less. Most of the manufacturers use cotton rags (shredded textile) to fill the luggage with. This gives it the right volume, weight and firmness. Some providers (especially Chinese) use a portion of shredded rubber, them to get from shredding used tires. Motivating convenient and simple to fill up the bag with but lacks the softness and usually upward settling on backside and hardening the underside part of the bag. So if anyone might have bought an empty bag my advice would be to take a look your local community for a textile industry based company that would possess textile leftovers could end up within trash anyhow. Any cotton/polyester type will work. Train hard and turn into safe.
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