My Understanding of Different Brand Bags

by:Fufresh     2020-06-18
My Understanding different Brand Bags I get some understanding of different brand bags. Different brand bags have different remarkable facets. Louis Vitton LV printing is designed of specially made canvas and flame retardant substance. So lines on the surface are especially palpable. In addition, the stitching of their printing is deep color. And the stitching is made of very solid waxy twine. The light leather of new type LV (blue or coffee) feels hard. The font of the characters engraved on the bags is very clear and round. Every bit of the LV goods are engraved 'Made in France' or 'Made in Spain', even 'Made in You.S.A'. Chanel The style of Chanel bags easy and elegant. It is easy to match clothes. But the high price makes many ladies shrink back at is usually of it. Most of the Chanel bags are written of lambskin. The colour of the lambskin is darker. The leather feels misshapen. But the bag's body shape is so stiff that it still feels even. And also the lambskin bags feel quite good along with they also send out leather notes. Zipper 1 other obvious feature of your bags. Each zipper matches a jewelry theme hook. Usually, the hook's shape is like the lion's head and your famous double-C. Inside the bag, characters 'Chanel and Made in France/Italy tooled in gold can be viewed. Also, there is a sticker printed the serial number that is printed by computer. This printed serial number, ID card number and one particular in the case are the exact same. Gucci Gucci bags are of exquisite needlework. Regardless of the woven pattern another choice is to stitching, the inner layer is very clean and nice and clean. Gucci bags are made of plastic. And it feels thick and stiff. The bamboo handle is a little heavy. And it is thick with deep color. Gucci's inner label is printed 'Gucci' and 'Made in Italy'. Is undoubtedly the back of your label is printed clearly the serial number of the bag. Also, this can be the bag's ID organization logo.
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