Pay attention to 5 Tips When Get Cambridge Satchel

by:Fufresh     2020-06-16
1.Cambridge Satchel charter line: bag car line can reflect its quality, first line to be ! That's all of the children know! Crooked line not only let ZouXing bag, and let people feel that is actually always defective goods! The second is to look at the line of the reasonable, bag of car lines are loose, gently one pick can pick out, love this particular bag not only quality miserable, and also super easy to bad! This is because when sewing worker lazy and neglect to reverse the line by line seal snugly! The best thing the packet of double good car, general high-grade bags also passes the double, and finally the calibre of a material is to look into the line, how to see? General cotton thread is cottony will and is easy to break, good line will join nylon, that tough, and the line additionally be very important degree, thick line not only can be used as a bag to decorate, still can make more firmly bag? 2. Bag fabrics: this difficult to master, since several varieties bag fabric, each and every say leather, all around the PU leather use at most, for instance, isn't thick hard fabric excellent fabrics, the most main watching or feel, is that transcends description, the a sense everybody is different, but good fabrics generally you feels will feel soft, like skin, that material general also sent not go near some fabrics is rather thin, flexible strong we call garment leather, general is used as carry out the clothing fabrics, in the word what of the bag without the pain . bag is super soft bag, bag hanging heavy feeling, have the effect of falling down, garment leather to distinguish whether positive or negative is very simple, with worst of the hand pull will be wide. As for is poor content . fashion of coat of paint (bright face PU) this is also on personal feeling, the difference of coat of paint can let a person feel very plastic. Hard stretched stretched didn't simple sense, but this is simply extensive fabric, also cannot tell a few words, end up buyers judge for yourself. 3. Zipper of the bag: make to zipper bag has 3 kinds: resin, nylon, copper, resin we won't say it, because it was discovered in the female bag on the situation very few, say nylon and copper tooth zipper, nylon zippers might be very obedient, it's nothing serious, and of course the zipper still tell you not to change a clerk, copper tooth zipper is high, the value is more expensive than the nylon zipper, but copper zipper regular rather end up being the pulled, this is not it means that the zipper bad, (of course also have bad may) but new copper tooth zipper because no after friction, is generally will have a point card. As long as many LABS, meet stuck don't pull. It's very in order to let the zipper head derailment, that the whole bag over. Pull copper tooth is the best way to zip zip two head balance. Slowly pull straight past. That way a few wouldn't card, card can be put in the zipper some wax (take general candles to wipe the zipper) like this zipper will well an awful lot. 4. Bag cloth: this is actually the most can reflect a bag to quality position! The material of cloth in many, general packets with nylon cloth in, is the light, that kind of feeling low grade in cloth, but some brands love the cloth with nylon jacquard, like this class is up, another is the gorgeous grain cloth bead, cloth is a cross inside weaving, the official department's tough, and it likewise the diagonal cloth, fabric in is made of cotton, soft, but the bags all like to high-grade with pure cotton cloth in, and some bag will use the pig skin and flannel, fundamental essentials high-grade brand for use, quality problem is not large, we will save your mouth water. Say the type for the cloth, that what can be the case is bad? First, higher before. Second, appear embroidery (the more beautiful lines appear in the pearl on) the third, cloth and the bag itself is 1 take, how to rate is not enough for clothing? The cloth bag that than to the small, in the middle of the cloth bags and even offers the very big a spot. Fourth, in very loose cloth, generally appears in cotton twill in cloth, this was in itself the quality problem of the cloth, is actually possible to made up of very loose weave, the cost savings, so the cloth to make people feel no LaoShi. 5.Hardware: the most basically see bags hardware plating, as long as the hardware not coarse made not embroidered or can, but there is a hardware color is green bronze, the hardware color was supposed to make a kind of old feeling, so itself is a bit dark, this is not the hardware quality problem, have kind of hardware better called Saul green ancient, color is solitary pilot is an overall very clean bronze as a protective coating of appearance, the hardware is high-grade, used in whole on the bag effect also went up. Basically we can check out quality of Cambridge Satchel from these little highlites. Maybe you have lots of experience of online shopping, but in daily shopping also hope I can provide .
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