What are main products to Luojiyuan?
Changzhou Luojiyuan industrial Co.,Ltd has worked hard to innovate and develop new products each year, which includes gallon size ziploc . They are timely promoted to the market to meet the latest market demands. We adhere to the international standards during the manufacturing of the product, achieving its stable quality and durability. There will be seasonal discounts or holiday discounts provided to customers. If you have inquires about our product range, please contact us via email. We will send you the latest product list as well as the discount policy.

A strong foundation in Sandwich Bags field has been laid in Luojiyuan. Luojiyuan produces a number of different product series, including plastic zipper bag. Regarding the quality management of Fufresh plastic flat trash bag, it is demanded to pass through the extremely harsh quality control and inspection required for gift and crafts. This product is easy to handle when discarded. The product features high dimension accuracy. During the inspection stage, its sizes have been scrutinized and tested by different measuring tools to make sure zero dimension error. This product is an ideal choice to reduce electrostatic damage when packaging electronics or other products sensitive to static charges.

In our business sustainable development, we make plans to promote growth by investing in science and research, environmental organizations, and special group caring projects.
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