What is a Single Use Bag Need?

by:Fufresh     2020-06-01
Excerpt from the Los Alto's Town Crier, May 10, 2009. The Los Altos Environmental Commission May 11 unanimously approved an idea to promote elimination of single-use bags. The proposal is scheduled for discussion at Tuesday's city council meeting. The plan props up the use of eco-friendly, reusable bags at locations that typically bag items with paper or plastic single-use bags.The recycling program targets residents, including children, for you to contribute to environmental protection, an audience the bag subcommitee estimates is between 50 percent and 70 percent of the local population. If approved, the commission's program would build a publicity campaign to spread public awareness through stencil distribution, written pledge drives and the advancement of an unified image and branding to find a 'Green Los Altos' movement. Ok, I get it, a single-use bag at the grocery store, but surely there is to this journey. Let's start with some basic facts and estimations: The list might go on but lets deal with it, single use anything seems exactly like a huge waste however probable exemptions for toilet paper, somebody to reuse that, and what other than you. Of course, garbage bags. They are single use effectively? They are in my home. The average household in u . s . uses nearly 20 garbage bags per month, roughly 240 bags per annum. All single use. Up until a few years ago, these were the same items which my parents used, basically non biodegradable trash bags. The switch from regular plastic trash bags to biodegradable garbage bags is a real matter of taste. In fact, it is a choice that the makers of traditional trash bags haven't made and should. Our grocery stores still have the same single use, sit in our landfill bags that are bought for years because they correlate with the big brands. But that can hope!There are different companies making biodegradable trash bags though not yet mainstream, they are easily purchasable via the web from a regarding online stores. Do not be fooled by the tagline, read crucial appetite details. There are a variety of 'biodegradable trash bag' posers that while better than method of recycling plastic trash bags, are not truly biodegradable trash bags. BiobagUSA is a patented provider of 100% biodegradable trash bags and boasts a product line discover the biodegradable lawn and leaf bags, dog poop bags, and those smaller 3 gallon waste bags that are fantastic for bathrooms. Dog poop bags are these days example of one use bag. How could I neglect?Don't be confused on the single bag issue, but make smart decisions. If your grocery store carries biodegradable trash bags, thank them. Whenever they don't, ask them if they will. Lastly, lets be smart about what you may put in our landfills and at our curbs. You don't want the past of your kitchen for you to become preserved forever?
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