What products has Luojiyuan developed?
Changzhou Luojiyuan industrial Co.,Ltd has produced many products, e.g. gallon freezer bags , which are closely related to our company. Every year we make a huge investment for their development. In order to be able to crack down on infringement, we applied for patents and certifications.

As an exporter in the quart bags field, Luojiyuan has established many customer relationships. Luojiyuan produces a number of different product series, including trash bags. In the unpredictable waves of evolving regulatory requirements for Fufresh plastic zipper bag, the factory collaborates closely with reliable quality authentication institutes to guarantee its quality meets the gifts and crafts standards. Flexible in shape, it can be adapted to any package requirements. People will find that its color is always even without any streaks or spots, and they have no worry that the color will fade. The packaged contents are on display visible through this product.

We pay attention to our customer success. We will quickly respond to customers' needs and make regular communication with them to minimize gaps between customer expectations and our services.
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