Who to pay the freight of stay fresh produce bags sample?
In general, the freight of stay fresh produce bags should be paid by you if the sample is free. Please understand that we are a factory with hope of quick returns and small margins. If an order is placed after trying the sample, a discount may be offered.

The widespread popularity of the Fufresh brand demonstrates its powerful features. Changzhou Luojiyuan industrial Co.,Ltd produces a number of different product series, including quart bags. Advanced process equipment is used during the production of Fufresh garbage bag, such as the newest CNC cutting, stamping, and welding machines. Flexible in shape, it can be adapted to any package requirements. The product is designed both to help reduce excessive shock to the body and also help reduce excessive pronation in the foot. Its seal allows it to be closed, opened and resealed over and over again.

Regarding the efforts in promoting sustainability, we have made a lot. We introduce energy-saving production and working machines, utilizing resources fully, and cutting down wastes.
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